Our Philosophy

Focussing on the individual requirements of our clients

Our services are guided by the individual requirements of a project and the high demands of our clients. We do not believe in “pre-packaged results”. Each new project is also a challenge for us, which we tackle based on our many years of experience and the personal qualification of our employees. We are committed to finding new solutions and carry the responsibility for a demanding execution.

Planning with a holistic approach

Our engineers are thoroughly familiar with all building materials and construction methods, which is why we can point out alternatives during the planning stage and provide decision guidance for the benefit of the client.

In addition, we always consider the requirements of other specialist disciplines during the planning stage, giving advice in the early performing stages and, thus, set the course for an economic execution.

Services for our clients and planning partners

It is important to us that our clients and planning partners know that they receive excellent support at all times. This is why we attach great importance to dependability with regard to planning and scheduling as well as the quality of our service.

Planning with a focus on sustainability

The development of optimised load bearing structures and the selection of the most suitable material for a project are our main contributions to the sustainability of a building.

Optimised, cost-effective structures are characterised by a responsible and economical use of building materials. Their contribution to a reduction of primary energy consumption is not to be underestimated.

In addition, we advise our clients regarding many other aspects from new energy saving concepts to passive house standards.

Modern equipment is the basis for an optimal planning process

By continuously acquiring new hardware and software as well as by regularly updating our specialist computer programs, we have the tools to accelerate the planning process, to illustrate alternative options and to simplify the data exchange within our office and with everyone else involved in the planning process.

Profound expert knowledge, long-standing experience and support of new talent

Only employees with several years of professional experience and profound expert knowledge are tasked with advising our clients and planning partners. Within the office, there are fixed teams, each headed by a team leader. Young employees join project teams to participate gradually in new tasks and their solutions. The continuous dialogue and personal contact with our clients and planning partners is very important to us. Thus, we have had good results conducting one-day or multi-day workshops in our offices or those of our planning partners in order to provide the required impetus and to bring about rapid solutions and decisions. 


Structured personnel policy and competency

The continuous internal and external development of our employees ensures that our clients and project partners will always receive services reflecting the current state of science and technology. Our employees have participated in several professional development courses in many areas, such as building refurbishment and upgrading, preservation of listed buildings, thermal building physics, fire protection, welding technology, concrete technology and restauration, project management.

Within existing standards and regulations, we offer creativity, imagination and ideas. A knowledge manager is responsible within our project teams both for continuous vocational training and for exchanging information. It is here that synergy effects are created, which are essential for our mode of working.

Operative controlling

Planning tasks in construction have become more diverse in recent years. Our office has the required flexibility and competence to face comprehensive tasks and new challenges and to offer an extended service portfolio, i.e. health and safety coordination, energy consulting, façade consulting and planning, compiling fire safety concepts, etc.

All these services are performed in our own offices by our own staff. Our operative controlling manages the positive development of our office, documents and monitors proven internal structures and advances new projects. 

Process interaction

The individual procedures and processes in our office are part of a functioning system as a whole. They are of vital importance to the performance capability of our enterprise and can, therefore, not be viewed in isolation. With the wishes of our clients being the starting point of our planning, it is important that each individual team member receives the required information as a basis for his/her individual work, i.e. during regular team meetings.

In order to fully meet our clients' technical and organisational expectations, we have introduced special routines, such as the regular attendance of professional training, patterns and defined standards simplifying the work as well as organisational charts such as personnel and project schedules.